Medical - Surgical Nursing Journal- Aims & Scopes

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Medical-Surgical Nursing Journal has been launched aimed to publish the most recent findings of scientific research in the fields of medical-surgical nursing care in acute and chronic situations with emphasis of evidence based nursing. This journal publishes papers in order to health promotion, prevention, disease management and improvement of health status of patients and their families in different forms of articles (As mentioned in Authors Guide) in the below headings:

  • Clinical research in Medical-Surgical Nursing       
  • Advanced evidence based care in medical-surgical nursing
  • Nursing care in acute disorders    
  • Care and rehabilitation  in chronic disorders
  • Nursing care of adult patients 
  • Nursing care of elderly patients
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in nursing  
  • Patient safety in medical-surgical wards
  • Professional relationship
  • Medical-surgical care in High Risk Pregnancy (HRP)    
  • Professional ethics in medical-surgical wards
  • Medical-surgical care in women
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